With one single call you get all the help you need.

When you are in distress and you call the emergency number “112”, then provide the operator in the emergency centre with the necessary information. On the basis of this information, this operator determines what kind of assistance you need. This operator then sends a medical team, the fire department and/or the police to come and help you.


The emergency number “112” is the only emergency number you can call for free in all European countries if you need urgent help from the fire brigade, a medical team or the police.


You can call the emergency centres 24h/24 and 7d/7 for assistance.

The operators in the emergency centres are always there to help you when you are in distress. They will reassure you, they will tell you what to do and they will notify the necessary emergency services.

Do not overload the 101 and 112 emergency helplines with unnecessary calls

By not making unnecessary calls to the emergency hotlines, you are helping not to overload them with irrelevant calls, and therefore allowing to send help more quickly to the people whose lives may be in danger.

1. If you have questions about the coronavirus Covid-19, you can visit 
    the website
www.info-coronavirus.be or call the information line 0800 14 689.

2. Call 1733 (doctor on duty) only when you need a doctor.

3. Call the emergency numbers 112 (emergency assistance from an ambulance or the firefighters) 
    and 101 (emergency assistance from the police) only when you need an emergency assistance.