1722 - You need help from the fire brigade and no life is in danger?

Use the online form or dial 1722

1722: who do I call in case of storm or flooding?

As from 1 August 2017, you can call 1722 in case of a storm or flooding when you need assistance from the fire brigade but no one's life is in danger. The Federal Public Service Home Affairs activates the phone number 1722 in case of a storm or flooding for non-urgent interventions of the fire brigade. Since July 2021, you can also use the online form www.1722.be.

Alternatively, you can still use the electronic form on the website of your local fire brigade. This link will give you an overview of the electronic forms of the emergency rescue zones : Electronic forms 'storm & flooding’

Ask yourself whether a life is possibly in danger and/or whether an intervention of the fire brigade is necessary.

 •  I call 112 when I immediately need an ambulance or the fire brigade, because someone's life might be in danger.
Examples: danger of collapse, danger on the public road (fallen tree, cut cable, fallen rocks, ...), fire hazard, incident with injured persons, ...

 •  I use the online form www.1722.be or I call 1722 when no one's life is in danger but I need help from the fire brigade.
Examples: a lot of damage to the roof covering, flooded basement, flooding on the public road, ...

 • I call a qualified professional (or I carry out repairs myself) when no one's life is possibly in danger and the damage does not require the intervention of the fire brigade. The numbers 112 and 1722 may not be used in such cases.
Examples: fallen tree in the garden, damaged garden shed, hail damage to a vehicle, power failure,...


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The fire brigade always helps the persons who are in peril of death first. After a storm, they also intervene if there is a danger to residents or third parties, for example if a large tree threatens to destroy a house. However, the fire brigade is not a handyman or repair service. They do not come to put your tiles right, to repair your glass dome or terrace covering, to clean or repair your gutter, or to saw a fallen tree or loose branch on your property into pieces and remove it. For all of this, you do not call the fire department, but a qualified professional.

Why 1722 ?

The purpose of this online form 1722 and the number 1722 is to ensure that the emergency centres 112 are not overloaded and that people who are in peril of death do not have to wait. It is not an emergency number. Be patient and do not call back to ask when the emergency services will arrive.

Online form

Since July 2021, you can visit the online form www.1722.be. This national online form handles your request for assistance the same way as a call to 1722. You can always call 1722 when the number is activated, but the online form will always be the most efficient way to request assistance from the fire bridage in case of heavy weather in situations when no one's life is in danger. The online form will also be reachable at all times.

If you request assistance via the 1722 website, you must first fill in your contact details and your municipality, after which the website will send your request to the rescue zone. The website can also redirect you to a local online form of your fire brigade.

After you have filled in the form, it is also important to wait patiently for the arrival of the fire brigade. They evaluate every situation and determine who needs to be helped first. This also means that in some cases you will need to wait a little longer, so that the fire brigade can first help people in peril of death.

As soon as your call has been registered at 1722 or the local fire department, a team will come and help you. Do not contact them to know where they are. Only call again if the situation has been resolved in the meantime and you no longer need assistance.


The number 1722 is pre-emptively activated when a storm or flood is announced on the basis of the warnings of the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (RMI). The fact that the number is activated does not say anything about the severity of the warning and the extent of any possible damage.

The activation of the number 1722 will always be announced through the media.

1722 is a paying number, as it is not an emergency number.

In normal circumstances, when there is no risk of a storm or flooding and the number 1722 has not been activated, you can call the emergency number 112 for all immediate assistance from an ambulance or an intervention of the fire brigade.

Give priority to persons who are in peril of death

The emergency centres 112 and the fire brigade always give priority to those who may be in peril of death. They evaluate every situation and determine who needs to be helped first. During a storm or in case of flooding, they have to deal with many requests at the same time.

The operators of the emergency centres 112 are always the ones who will take the calls to 1722, because they are best placed to assess the situation. They take the calls on separate telephone lines, so they can first take the most urgent calls to 112. These calls might be for people who are injured and stuck in their car due to a fallen tree, but also for people having a heart attack or whose house is on fire. It is therefore preferable to use the e-service 1722.be. If you call 1722, please hold the line patiently and if necessary call again later. In any case, please do not call 112.


If you have suffered damage, report this to your insurance company. You don't call 1722 for this. On the website abcverzekering, you can find a checklist with all steps to take in case of storm damage.


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