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Fire brigade zones 

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Call 1722 in case of storm or flooding

Since 1 August 2017 you call the number 1722 in case of a storm or flooding when you need assistance from the fire brigade and when nobody is (possibly) in peril of death. The Federal Public Service Home Affairs activates the phone number 1722 in case of a storm or flooding for non-urgent interventions of the fire brigade. The number 1722 needs to make sure that the emergency centres 112 are not overloaded in case of a thunderstorm and that people who are in peril of death do not have to wait needlessly.

The decision to activate the number 1722 is based on the warnings of the Royal Meteorological Institute of Belgium (RMI). At least an hour before the storm or thunderstorm may strike, the lines will be opened.

The activation of the number 1722 will always be announced through the media. 
1722 is a paying number, as it is not an emergency number.

Give priority to persons who are in peril of death

During a storm or flooding the emergency centres can receive a lot more calls than usually. The operators in the emergency centres 112 will still answer the calls to the number 1722, because they can judge best whether a non-urgent situation could escalate for instance. They answer the calls on separate telephone lines, so that they can first answer the most urgent calls to the 112. These calls might be for people who are injured and stuck in their car due to a fallen tree, but also for people having a heart attack or whose house is on fire. So please hold the line patiently and if necessary call again later to the 1722. Please do not call the 112.  

If you call the emergency number 112 during a storm or thunderstorm for non-urgent assistance from the fire brigade, you will be asked anyhow to call the number 1722.

Local e-service or telephone number of the fire department

If your fire brigade has an e-service or has opened a telephone number itself, you can also directly ask for an intervention of the fire brigade for a storm and/or flooding using this e-service or number.

After you called the number 1722, it is important to wait patiently for the fire brigade to arrive. They evaluate case per case and determine then who needs their help first. This thus means that in some cases you will need to wait a little longer, so that the fire brigade can first help people in peril of death. As soon as your call has been registered at the 1722 or the local fire department, a team will come and help you. So please don't call the 1722 or your local fire department again to ask when they will come. Only call again when the situation has been settled meanwhile and you no longer need the assistance of a team of firemen.

What do you arrange yourself?

The fire brigade always helps the persons who are in peril of death first. After a storm they also intervene when there is a danger for the occupants or for third persons, for example when a giant tree is about to destroy a house for instance. 
However, the fire brigade is not a handyman or repair service. They don't come to put your tiles right, to repair your glass dome or terrace covering, to clean or repair your gutter, or to saw a fallen tree or loose branch on your own property into pieces and to remove it. For this you don't have to call the fire department, but a qualified professional.


If you have suffered damage, report this to your insurance company. You don't call the 1722 for this. On the website abcverzekering, you can find a checklist with all steps to take in case of storm damage.